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Ottawa G2 TEST

Ottawa G2 Test Tips | Ottawa Driving Instructor

1)Walkey Road’s speed limit is 50. Don’t forget that.

2)You’ll be asked to parallel park behind a big concrete slab before you leave the drive test centre. It’s super easy because there are no cars behind it. Just take your time.

3)You’ll be asked to three point turn at the end of a dead end street.

You’ll also be asked to hill park. Remember which way to turn your wheel depending on the direction of the slope (up/down) and if there is a curb or not. Also remember to engage the hand break.

You’ll be asked to do an emergency stop. Pull over to the right shoulder, stop and put your hazard lights on. Put on your hand break. Park the car.

Keep looking at your mirrors. Glance every few seconds. It seems excessive but they need to check this off on their list.

Never turn without checking your blind spot. It should go without saying that the same can be said for changing lanes.

Always move into the right-most lane as soon as you get a chance (if you make a left tun, you’ll end up in the left lane, then you’ll want to get into the right lane as quickly as possible).

Interestingly enough you won’t have to reverse stall park. I was surprised by this. You simply drive in forward into a stall at the end of your test.

Make sure all the lights in your car work. Before the test you’ll be asked to hit the breaks, signal left, and signal right. They are checking to make sure all of your lights are functioning.

Know where the hazard light button is at in your car! My brother rented a car and simply couldn’t find it during his test. It was a very embarrassing way of failing the test.

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